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Lox Breakfast Bagel

I am a sucker for morning bagels. It is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning (yeah, I know I still have my love for an avocado toast of course!) However, this little recipe is so good for a summer morning! My little spin that I do is always to have a […]


I have fallen in love with pickling. So naturally, I will add to it anything; even avocado toast. So enjoy my new favorite avocado toast combo. WHAT YOU NEED: Multigrain toast  Avocado 2 eggs Pickled red onion  Arugula  Mushrooms Goat cheese Balsamic glaze HOW TO MAKE IT: Start by cooking your eggs and sauteeing your […]

Tia Gia’s Chicken Wings

WHAT YOU NEED: Chicken wings (flats and drums) Franks hot sauce  Celery carrots For the sauce: Franks hot sauce Butter if you don’t like spicy Blue cheese dressing: Blue cheese crumbles Sourcream  Mayo Heavy whipping cream Garlic Salt Pepper White wine vinegar (or lemon juice) HOW TO MAKE IT: Cook chicken wings in sauce in […]

Asian Inspired Chicken Wraps

Asian Inspired Chicken Wraps: WHAT YOU NEED: Shredded chicken Cabbage mix with carrots and red cabbage Cilantro Lime juice Soy sauce or Coconut Aminos Sesame oil Butter lettuce  HOW TO ASSEMBLE: Add chicken to a bowl Add cabbage mix  Add the sauces  Add to 2 or 3 butter lettuce Voila! Dinner in seconds

Chicken Salad Sandwich

WHAT YOU NEED: Chicken breast ½ avocado Onions Lemon juice Grape tomatoes Salt  Pepper 2 pieces of multigrain toast  HOW TO ASSEMBLE: Shred chicken. Cut up onions and tomatoes to your liking (I like big chunks of it) In a small bowl mash avocado with lemon juice, salt, and pepper Add all ingredients to a […]