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grocery shopping tip!

After grocery shopping, immediately unload and separate into sections; need to be cut, freezer, pantry, fridge. This helps with organization and productivity when it finally gets down to cooking! Always cut up and put away your veggies because that helps save time when cooking and will keep them fresher longer.

plan out your meals!

When grocery shopping, I always create a list that will accumulate into the dishes I will be making that week. I like to write down the different combinations I can make with the groceries I will be buying that week. I.E.: Blackbean Tacos, Black Bean Fiesta Bowl, Huevos Ranchero w/ Black Bean. 3 different combinations […]

cooking chicken!

When cooking chicken, make sure it is fully defrosted. I know that seems self-explanatory, but hey we gotta start somewhere! Also, to make it easier on yourself, cube the chicken. Most of the time people mess chicken up when cooking the breast whole, this is okay because it is hard to nail chicken the first […]

Tessá’s Tips

All I can say is if you do not have an airfryer, then you are seriously missing out. I think this is a college must have, but also a tip into cooking. This device is so versatile and eliminates the heat from the oven. This is especially good because us college students do not WANT […]