Category: Food for Thought

Goodbye 2022

It’s a Tuesday. I feel like I have drifted away from this place I call home (my lovely blog that I love so much). It reminds me of many things I drift away from or even drift away from me. As January comes to an end in the year 2023, I feel like it is […]

Post-Grad Life

I have entered a new chapter of life—the afterlife of college. I look back on my years of school and I see a different version of myself, yet the same girl I am now. I see a self that was so excited for new experiences and new beginnings. She saw it all; the new friends, […]

take care

take time every week to pamper yourself: take a bath, shave, do a face mask, do a hair mask, self-tan etc. DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOOD! spend time in the sun; wear sunscreen pls. get ready for yourself!! it makes you feel great and why the f*ck not!

be your own human

a quick reminder to be YOUR own human; be yourself and be there for yourself. It’s okay to be alone, learn to embrace it. It is one of the best ways to learn about yourself and who you are. be your authentic self because how is someone supposed to learn who you are if you […]

Letting Go IS OKAY

In my 20 years, I have experienced lots and lots of friendships. Some were good and some were very toxic. The lesson that seemed to never get through my own head is reading people’s character. I have always struggled with that problem. My mom was a great judge of character and she would always tell […]